This has been an exciting month for me photographically.

When my results from Neath and District National Exhibition arrived I finally had a total of 100 BPE acceptances and was awarded BPE3*.  The next level requires a further 100 acceptances so I'm guessing that will take a while to achieve but it's good to have things to aim for. 

Then on 26th April the PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit were held in Maidstone and I had submitted 15 PDIs for the Distinction level.  I had no great hopes for this as it was my first attempt and I had not taken any advice. 

The standard is supposed to be "likely to be accepted in national exhibitions" so my approach was to enter a range of exhibitions and assume that more than a 50% acceptance rate equals "likely".  I chose my images accordingly and didn't attend the adjudication as I was in Whitby for the Goths Weekend so I didn't know the results and didn't believe it when I received an email of congratulations! 

It sank in when the score card came - I needed a total of 300 points to pass and to my delight my score was 339.